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Getactyv AI app

Tailored fitness plan w/ guided exercises & analysis.

Why Install Getactyv AI to replace a human task?
Corporate wellness programs Fitness and Health Gym and fitness studios Personal training Physical therapy

AI Information

What is Getactyv AI?

Getactyv ChatGPT Plugin is an AI and computer vision assisted health and fitness platform that offers personalized programs to help users reach their goals. It is a platform that does not require any sensors, consoles, or wearables, and instead uses real-time voice commands and form correction to provide guidance. With Getactyv, users can access personalized performance analytics and movement-led gaming that keeps them motivated. The platform also offers physical therapy workouts and progress tracking. It is designed to be used by all levels of fitness, from beginner to advanced, and can be used anytime, anywhere with only a smart device, internet, and a clear space. Getactyv is dedicated to providing users with the right mix of intensity, movements, and breath control to expand their energy levels. Additionally, Getactyv offers a free 30-day trial to help users jumpstart their healthy lifestyle.

TLDR: AI for Tailored fitness plan w/ guided exercises & analysis. Copy and paste these prompts into Getactyv.

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Who is Getactyv AI for?

1. Individuals looking to improve their overall fitness and health
2. Busy professionals who do not have time for gym visits or personal trainers
3. Physical therapy patients looking for at-home exercises and progress tracking
4. Athletes seeking to improve their performance and prevent injuries
5. Seniors looking for low-impact workouts to maintain mobility and strength.

Tailored fitness plan w/ guided exercises & analysis. on these platforms

What are the use cases for Getactyv?

Here are five potential business and other use cases for Getactyv:

1. Corporate wellness programs: Many companies offer wellness programs as part of their benefits package to promote the health and wellbeing of their employees. Getactyv can be used as a fitness tool in these programs, providing engaging and effective workouts that employees can do at home or in the office.

2. Physical therapy clinics: Getactyv's personalized physical therapy workouts and progress tracking can be used in clinics to help patients recover from injuries and surgeries. The platform's real-time form correction can also help patients avoid further injury and ensure they are doing exercises correctly.

3. Personal training businesses: Personal trainers can use Getactyv to provide personalized workout programs to their clients, even when they can't be there in person. The platform's performance analytics can also help trainers track their clients' progress and adjust their programs accordingly.

4. Gym and fitness studios: Getactyv can be used as a supplement to traditional gym

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