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Gestualy AI app

Measure satisfaction using real-time gestures.

Why Install Gestualy AI to replace a human task?
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What is Gestualy AI?

Gestualy AI Plugin is an innovative gesture recognition system that utilizes advanced machine learning techniques to measure customer satisfaction in real-time. This plugin allows businesses to access the app easily and use it on any computer with a webcam and internet connection, regardless of the operating system. It is designed to detect up to 500 different gestures that can express various emotions, giving businesses a deep understanding of their customers' needs and real-time alerts when something goes wrong. Gestualy AI Plugin is the perfect solution for businesses looking to obtain valuable data about their customers in a convenient, contactless way without the need for cumbersome surveys.

TLDR: AI for Measure satisfaction using real-time gestures. Copy and paste these prompts into Gestualy.

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Who is Gestualy AI for?

1. Retail stores looking to measure customer satisfaction and improve the customer experience.
2. Restaurants and cafes wanting to gauge customer reactions to their food and service.
3. Hotels and resorts interested in understanding guest feedback and improving their amenities.
4. Event management companies needing to evaluate attendee engagement and satisfaction.
5. Healthcare providers looking to monitor patient feedback and improve patient care.

Measure satisfaction using real-time gestures. on these platforms

What are the use cases for Gestualy?

Gestualy has a wide range of potential business use cases, including:

1. Retail - Retailers can use Gestualy to gauge customer satisfaction in real-time and make adjustments accordingly. The system can detect gestures that indicate frustration, confusion, or satisfaction, allowing retailers to improve customer service and optimize the shopping experience.

2. Hospitality - Hotels and restaurants can use Gestualy to monitor guest satisfaction during their stay or meal. The system can detect gestures that indicate happiness, dissatisfaction, or frustration, enabling hotels and restaurants to address any issues quickly and improve guest experiences.

3. Healthcare - Hospitals can use Gestualy to monitor patient satisfaction during their stay. The system can detect gestures that indicate pain, discomfort, or satisfaction, allowing healthcare professionals to provide better care and improve patient outcomes.

4. Education - Educational institutions can use Gestualy to monitor student engagement and satisfaction during classes. The system can detect gestures that indicate boredom, confusion, or engagement, allowing teachers to adjust their teaching methods

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