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GeniePM AI app

Project requirements accelerate product development.

Why Install GeniePM AI to replace a human task?
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What is GeniePM

GeniePM is an AI-powered tool designed to help users streamline the product development process by creating specific and clear user stories, tasks, bugs, and other requirements for their projects. Its user-friendly interface allows users to tell Genie what they want to build, and it will deliver spot-on requirements with its tailored flow for project managers, product owners, and anyone who needs to deliver definitions for their team. GeniePM offers a full set of tickets for faster product development, and it is compatible with JIRA, Notion, and CSV compatible tools, enabling users to export data and collaborate with their team easily. What sets GeniePM apart from other tools is its AI-powered interface, which brings fresh and accurate descriptions whenever users want to regenerate them, eliminating the need for extensive setup and customization. Additionally, GeniePM's friendly genie is always ready to listen to tweaks and improvements for definitions. GeniePM's benefits include increased productivity and fulfillment as users spend less time on

TLDR: AI for Project requirements accelerate product development. Copy and paste these prompts into GeniePM.

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GeniePM - Opensource ChatGPT Plugin

Who is GeniePM for?

1. Project managers
2. Product owners
3. Developers
4. Designers
5. Business analysts

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What are the use cases for GeniePM?

1. Product Development: GeniePM can be used by project managers, product owners, and development teams to streamline the product development process. The AI-powered tool can help create user stories, tasks, and bugs, enabling teams to work more efficiently and effectively. It can also help teams prioritize tasks and focus on the most critical requirements, reducing project delays and increasing productivity.

2. Marketing: GeniePM can be used by marketing teams to plan and execute campaigns more effectively. The tool can help create detailed requirements for landing pages, email campaigns, and social media posts. It can also help teams prioritize tasks and streamline the approval process, ensuring that campaigns are launched on time and within budget.

3. Customer Support: GeniePM can be used by customer support teams to improve the customer experience. The tool can help create detailed requirements for support tickets, enabling teams to respond to customer inquiries more efficiently. It can also help teams track and prioritize issues, reducing customer wait times and improving overall satisfaction.


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