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Fireflies AI app

Conversation analysis and notetaking for teams.

Why Install Fireflies AI to replace a human task?
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What is Fireflies AI? is an AI-powered conversation intelligence and notetaking tool that is designed to help teams record, transcribe, search and analyze voice conversations. The brand name is and it comes with a ChatGPT Plugin that enables users to capture video and audio, and generate transcripts in mere minutes.

One of the key features of is its AI-powered search function, which allows users to review a one-hour meeting in just five minutes and quickly identify action items, tasks, questions, and other key metrics. Moreover, offers collaboration tools that enable users to collaborate with co-workers by adding comments, pins, and reactions to specific parts of conversations, create soundbites and share meeting notes across collaboration apps like Slack, Notion and Asana.

Another notable aspect of is its conversation intelligence capabilities, which can be used to track speaker talk time, sentiment, monologues and other key metrics, as well as identify objections, competitors and

TLDR: AI for Conversation analysis and notetaking for teams. Copy and paste these prompts into Fireflies.

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Fireflies - Opensource ChatGPT Plugin

Who is Fireflies AI for?

1. Sales teams
2. Engineering teams
3. Recruiting teams
4. Marketing teams
5. Education and media & podcasting teams.

Conversation analysis and notetaking for teams. on these platforms

What are the use cases for Fireflies?

1. Sales: can be used by sales teams to record and transcribe sales calls, analyze customer sentiment and objections, track talk time and identify key metrics such as conversion rates and sales pipeline status. It can also be used to automate CRM workflows, such as creating follow-up tasks and updating lead statuses.

2. HR/Recruiting: can be used by HR and recruiting teams to record and transcribe job interviews, identify key skills and qualifications discussed, track candidate sentiment and objections, and collaborate with hiring managers on feedback and next steps. It can also be used to automate recruitment workflows, such as scheduling interviews and sending follow-up emails to candidates.

3. Education: can be used by teachers and professors to record and transcribe lectures, identify key topics and themes discussed, track student engagement and participation, and collaborate with other educators on lesson plans and curricula. It can also be used to automate grading workflows, such as generating summary reports for student

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