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Create personalized obituaries with machine learning.

Why Install Finding Words AI to replace a human task?
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What is Finding Words AI?

Empathy's Finding Words is an innovative AI-powered obituary maker that simplifies the process of creating a heartfelt tribute for a loved one who has passed away. The tool is designed to guide users through a series of questions about the deceased, including their family, career, and more, to create a first draft of the obituary.

With Empathy's Finding Words, users can customize and revise the obituary to suit their specific needs and preferences. The platform provides personalized support for families who are struggling with the loss of a loved one, with both technology and real-time human assistance available.

The tool is free and secure, with Empathy ensuring that the user's personal information and obituary are never shared or published without their consent. Additionally, Empathy provides a privacy policy, terms and conditions, and an FAQ page to answer any questions users may have. Overall, Empathy's Finding Words is an innovative and compassionate solution that helps to ease the burden of creating a meaningful tribute

TLDR: AI for Create personalized obituaries with machine learning. Copy and paste these prompts into Finding Words.

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Who is Finding Words AI for?

1. Individuals who have lost a loved one and are struggling to write an obituary.
2. Funeral homes and directors who want to provide a convenient and helpful service to their clients.
3. Journalists and writers who need to write obituaries for their publications.
4. Genealogists who want to document the lives of their ancestors.
5. People who want to prepare their own obituary in advance.

Create personalized obituaries with machine learning. on these platforms

What are the use cases for Finding Words?

1. Funeral Homes: Funeral homes can use Empathy’s Finding Words to provide an additional service to their clients. They can offer their clients the option to create an obituary using the tool, which can help them save time and create a more personalized tribute.

2. Genealogy Research: Empathy’s obituary maker can also be used for genealogy research. Users can create obituaries for their ancestors and share them with other family members, making it easier to track and document family history.

3. Journalists: Journalists can use Empathy’s tool to create more accurate and comprehensive obituaries for individuals who have passed away. The tool can provide them with a framework to gather information and details about the deceased, making it easier to write an informative piece.

4. Non-profit Organizations: Non-profit organizations can use Empathy’s obituary maker to honor and remember individuals who have contributed to their cause. They can create obituaries for these individuals and share them on

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