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Transcribes 120+ languages' audio/video.

Why Install Exemplary AI AI to replace a human task?
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What is Exemplary AI

ExemplaryAI is an AI-powered platform that offers a range of transcription and content generation services. The platform uses advanced AI algorithms to transcribe audio and video content into text with high accuracy, supporting over 120 languages. It also has a GPT-assisted editor that ensures perfect transcripts and breaks language barriers to connect with a global audience. ExemplaryAI goes beyond transcription to generate content faster with simple prompts, such as summaries, meeting notes, highlights, blogs, and follow-up emails. In addition, the platform offers automated video and audio editing tools that generate highlight reels, clips, and audiograms instantly for engaging social media content. ExemplaryAI serves a diverse range of industries such as business, media, education, government, legal, journalism, and research, unlocking the full potential of their content. The platform offers flexible pricing options, allowing users to try all features for free for seven days with no credit card required. Its standard plan includes essential features with generous limits, while the

TLDR: AI for Transcribes 120+ languages' audio/video. Copy and paste these prompts into Exemplary AI.

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Who is Exemplary AI for?

1. Business professionals who need accurate transcriptions for meetings, presentations, and interviews.
2. Media companies that require quick and efficient content creation for news, documentaries, and podcasts.
3. Educators who want to provide accessible transcripts for lectures and online courses.
4. Legal firms that need reliable and secure transcriptions for depositions, trials, and hearings.
5. Researchers and journalists who need to transcribe interviews and focus groups for analysis and reporting.

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What are the use cases for Exemplary AI?

ExemplaryAI is a versatile platform that caters to a diverse range of industries and sectors. Here are some potential business use cases and other use cases for the platform:

1. Media and Journalism: ExemplaryAI can help media and journalism professionals transcribe interviews, press conferences, and other audio and video content, enabling them to create accurate and engaging news stories quickly. The platform's editing tools can also aid in creating highlight reels and clips for social media platforms, increasing engagement and reach.

2. Education: ExemplaryAI can assist educators by transcribing lectures, seminars, and other educational content, making it easier for students to review the material and understand the concepts. The platform's summarization feature can also help educators create study guides and notes for their students.

3. Legal: ExemplaryAI can be used by legal professionals to transcribe depositions, court proceedings, and client meetings. It can also assist in creating case summaries and briefs, enabling lawyers to save time

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