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EffortlessEmail AI app

Email writing assistance.

Why Install EffortlessEmail AI to replace a human task?
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What is EffortlessEmail AI?

EffortlessEmail AI is an AI-powered tool that integrates into the Gmail User Interface. This allows users to save up to 70% of their daily email time by accurately turning bullet points into fully-formulated emails and opening the draft in a new email or as a reply to an existing email. The tool is designed to work with Gmail and is free to use, with paid features available. Users can select a language and tone that suits their purpose, enter bullet points into the text box and click the ‘Submit and open Email’ button, then review and refine the content. EffortlessEmail is highly rated by users, and additional resources and support are available from the website and YouTube channel. The tool requires access to the user’s Google account to manage drafts, send emails and view email messages, as well as access to the user’s primary Google account email address and personal information, including any public information. Users can use this app directly on their Gmail account.

TLDR: AI for Email writing assistance. Copy and paste these prompts into EffortlessEmail.

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Who is EffortlessEmail AI for?

1. Business professionals who rely heavily on email communication
2. Entrepreneurs and small business owners with limited time for email management
3. Freelancers who need to respond to client emails quickly and efficiently
4. Students and educators who frequently correspond via email
5. Individuals with busy personal lives who need to manage their inbox effectively.

Email writing assistance. on these platforms

What are the use cases for EffortlessEmail?

EffortlessEmail has a wide range of potential business and personal use cases. Here are five possible use cases:

1. Sales and Marketing: Sales representatives and marketers can use EffortlessEmail to quickly craft personalized emails to prospective clients. They can enter bullet points about the client’s needs and preferences, and the tool will generate a fully-formulated email that reflects the tone and language of the company. This saves valuable time that can be spent on other tasks, such as building relationships with clients or creating marketing strategies.

2. Customer Service: Customer service representatives can use EffortlessEmail to respond to common customer inquiries and complaints more efficiently. They can input bullet points about the issue and the steps being taken to address it, and the tool will generate a fully-formulated email that reflects the company’s policies and procedures. This helps to ensure that customers receive consistent and timely responses, which can improve their overall satisfaction with the company.

3. Human Resources: HR professionals can use EffortlessEmail

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