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Designedbyai AI app

Generates realistic interior & architectural images.

Why Install Designedbyai AI to replace a human task?
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AI Information

What is Designedbyai is an AI-powered platform that offers a user-friendly experience to interior designers, structural engineers, and architects. It enables users to transform their interior design or architectural ideas into realistic images in just a few seconds. The platform uses AI technology to save time and effort spent waiting for perfect renderings, delivering beautiful and detailed images in 8K quality. Users can upload their source images and select from a wide range of styles or add their own, allowing them to customize the generated images. Within minutes, users can download their stunning images and use them for instant design validation. offers two plans for unlimited designs per month, with all images delivered in stunning 8K quality. The platform offers full refunds within 72 hours of the request, subject to terms and conditions. Mighty Media LLC, the company behind, provides a personalized service with various generative AI services that allow users to process and generate different types of media. Users must accept the terms before

TLDR: AI for Generates realistic interior & architectural images. Copy and paste these prompts into Designedbyai.

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Who is Designedbyai for?

1. Interior designers looking to quickly generate realistic images of their design ideas.
2. Structural engineers seeking to visualize their architectural plans in a realistic manner.
3. Architects who want to showcase their professional skills and creativity to clients.
4. Homeowners or property developers looking to preview potential interior design options before committing to a renovation or construction project.
5. Real estate agents who want to showcase properties in a visually appealing and realistic manner to potential buyers.

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What are the use cases for Designedbyai? has a wide range of potential business use cases and other use cases. Here are some examples:

Business Use Cases:
1. Interior Designers: Interior designers can use to create realistic images of their design ideas and showcase them to clients. This can help them win more business and increase their revenue.
2. Architects: Architects can use to create 3D renderings of their designs and present them to clients. This can help them get approval for their designs faster and reduce the time and cost of revisions.
3. Real Estate Agents: Real estate agents can use to create virtual tours of properties and show them to potential buyers. This can help them sell properties faster and increase their commission.
4. Furniture Retailers: Furniture retailers can use to create realistic images of their products in different settings. This can help them showcase their products to customers and increase their sales.
5. Home Builders: Home builders can

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