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DALL-E Bro AI app

Custom images from text with algorithm in Figma/FigJam.

Why Install DALL-E Bro AI to replace a human task?
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What is DALL-E Bro

DALL-E Bro is a plugin for Figma and FigJam that allows users to generate images from text using the OpenAI DALL-E 2 algorithm. With this plugin, designers and other team members can easily create visuals that match their specific needs by choosing from a range of image variations and sizes. The prompt builder enables users to generate an advanced prompt easily, with support for various settings, such as category, style, color scheme, background, composition, object position, lightning, shape, object count, object size, object type, object interactions, object emotions, and object actions. Additionally, the plugin comes with over 30 built-in prompts to inspire creativity. Using DALL-E Bro involves describing the image to be created and choosing the image size and number of variations to generate. The plugin then uses OpenAI API to generate the image, and the results are ready to use. This plugin is secure, sending requests only to OpenAI API and storing API Keys only in Figma's client

TLDR: AI for Custom images from text with algorithm in Figma/FigJam. Copy and paste these prompts into DALL-E Bro.

DALL-E Bro Prompts

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Who is DALL-E Bro for?

1. Graphic designers looking to create unique visuals for their projects.
2. Social media managers needing eye-catching images for their posts.
3. Bloggers wanting to add visual interest to their articles.
4. Product designers needing images to showcase their products.
5. Marketers looking to create engaging visuals for their campaigns.

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What are the use cases for DALL-E Bro?

1. Marketing and Advertising: DALL-E Bro can be used to create customized images for marketing and advertising campaigns. For example, a business can use the plugin to generate images of their products or services to be used in social media posts, email marketing campaigns, or on their website.

2. E-commerce: DALL-E Bro can be used to create product images for e-commerce websites. For example, a business can use the plugin to generate images of their products in different colors, sizes, and styles to help customers visualize their products better.

3. Education: DALL-E Bro can be used in educational settings to create visuals for presentations, course materials, and textbooks. For example, a teacher can use the plugin to generate images of scientific concepts or historical events to help students understand complex topics better.

4. Graphic Design: DALL-E Bro can be used by graphic designers to create unique and customized visuals for their clients. For example, a designer can use the plugin to generate images for logos

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