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Email summarization for productivity.

Why Install Concisely AI to replace a human task?
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What is Concisely AI?

Concisely: Read Any Email in a Sentence is a Chrome extension that uses AI technology to generate one-sentence summaries of email threads. Developed to help busy professionals save time and stay organized, the tool analyzes Gmail threads and eliminates lengthy email conversations, replacing them with clear, concise summaries. The extension is easy to use and quickly analyzes emails, making it useful for getting caught up on long email threads. Additionally, the developer has disclosed information regarding the collection and usage of data, ensuring users' personal data is not sold or used for lending purposes.

TLDR: AI for Email summarization for productivity. Copy and paste these prompts into Concisely.

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Who is Concisely AI for?

1. Business professionals who receive a high volume of emails and need to stay organized.
2. Freelancers who need to quickly understand the scope of a project or task discussed in an email thread.
3. Students who want to quickly summarize lengthy emails from professors or classmates.
4. Journalists who receive numerous emails and need to identify important information quickly.
5. Anyone who wants to declutter their inbox and save time reading and responding to emails.

Email summarization for productivity. on these platforms

What are the use cases for Concisely?

Concisely: Read Any Email in a Sentence has many potential business use cases, including:

1. Sales teams can use the extension to quickly summarize long email threads with customers, providing them with concise summaries of their conversations. This can help sales reps save time and stay organized while also ensuring that important information doesn't get lost in lengthy email conversations.

2. Marketing teams can use the tool to quickly analyze email threads with their email subscribers and customers. By summarizing these threads, they can identify key topics and trends, which can help them develop more effective marketing campaigns.

3. Customer support teams can use the extension to streamline their email communication with customers. By summarizing email threads, they can quickly identify the customer's issue and provide a solution, saving time and improving customer satisfaction.

4. Human resource teams can use the extension to quickly analyze email threads with potential job candidates or employees. By summarizing these threads, they can identify key information about the candidate or employee and make more informed hiring and

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