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Coco AI app

Simplified ChatGPT usage with virtual assistant.

Why Install Coco AI to replace a human task?
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What is Coco

Coco ChatGPT Plugin is a virtual assistant tool that simplifies the use of the ChatGPT AI model on smartphones, primarily designed for iPhones. Coco provides a convenient wrapper around ChatGPT, making it free and accessible to the general public. Users can install Coco through a website link and use it in two ways: text mode or voice mode. In voice mode, users can activate Coco by saying “Hey Coco” or simply “Coco,” and the virtual assistant will respond with a “yes?”. When using Coco for the first time, users will be asked to grant permission for creating a note and accessing the ChatGPT server. After permission is granted, a question can be asked in the prompt, and Coco will respond with an answer. Overall, Coco is a simple yet powerful tool that can assist users in accessing ChatGPT with ease and convenience.

TLDR: AI for Simplified ChatGPT usage with virtual assistant. Copy and paste these prompts into Coco.

Coco Prompts

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Who is Coco for?

1. Students who need help with homework or research projects.
2. Professionals who need quick answers to work-related questions.
3. Language learners who want to practice conversational skills.
4. Individuals with disabilities who have difficulty typing or reading text.
5. Curious individuals who want to explore and learn about various topics.

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What are the use cases for Coco?

Here are five potential use cases for Coco:

1. Customer service: Coco can be used as a virtual assistant for customer service inquiries. Customers can ask questions related to products or services, and Coco can provide answers based on the information available in the company's knowledge base. This can help reduce the workload of customer service representatives and provide a faster response time for customers.

2. Personal assistant: Coco can also be used as a personal assistant to help users with scheduling, reminders, and other tasks. Users can ask Coco to set reminders for important events, schedule appointments, or even make phone calls. This can help users stay organized and save time.

3. Education: Coco can be used as an educational tool to help students with homework or research. Students can ask questions related to a particular topic, and Coco can provide answers based on available information. This can help students learn more efficiently and effectively.

4. Healthcare: Coco can be used as a healthcare tool to provide patients with information about their health.

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