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Customized 3D interior design concepts without hassle.

Why Install Coated AI to replace a human task?
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What is Coated AI?

Coated is an AI-powered interior design tool that simplifies the process of designing and decorating interior spaces. It offers personalized and professional-grade designs tailored to your unique preferences, making the design process effortless. Coated's software is easy-to-use, and its AI-powered engine generates interior design concepts based on user specifications. The tool generates personalized suggestions for furniture placement, color combinations, and decor styles. Users can try out different design options in real-time and visualize their design concepts in 3D, helping them to better understand how their space will look before making any changes. Coated provides a wide range of design options, including modern, rustic, traditional, or any other style that suits your preferences. The software also generates a shopping list, which includes all the products required to execute the design, complete with brand, cost, and an option to directly purchase the products. Coated is a subscription-based service and offers a beta version for users to test the tool before committing to a subscription. Its user

TLDR: AI for Customized 3D interior design concepts without hassle. Copy and paste these prompts into Coated.

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Who is Coated AI for?

1. Homeowners who are looking to redesign their living spaces.
2. Interior designers who want to streamline their design process and generate new ideas.
3. Real estate agents who want to stage homes for sale.
4. Business owners who want to redesign their office spaces.
5. Renters who want to personalize their rental spaces without making permanent changes.

Customized 3D interior design concepts without hassle. on these platforms

What are the use cases for Coated?

Coated's AI-powered interior design tool has a wide range of potential business use cases, including:

1. Interior Design Firms: Coated's software can be used by interior design firms to create personalized and professional-grade designs for their clients. The tool can help designers to streamline their design process, reduce design time, and increase client satisfaction.

2. Real Estate Companies: Real estate companies can use Coated's software to create virtual staging for their properties. The tool can help to showcase the potential of a property and attract potential buyers.

3. Furniture Retailers: Furniture retailers can use Coated's software to create personalized design concepts for their customers. The tool can help retailers to increase sales by providing customers with a visual representation of how their furniture will look in their space.

4. Home Builders: Home builders can use Coated's software to create personalized design concepts for their clients. The tool can help builders to showcase the potential of their properties and increase sales.

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