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Analyzed media bias and coverage across ideology.

Why Install Clarity AI to replace a human task?
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What is Clarity AI?

ClarityPage AI Tool is an innovative tool that aims to analyze how mainstream media sources divide topics over time, based on left, center, and right-leaning perspectives. This AI plugin helps users to gain insights into which topics are being covered by different media sources and which outlets are giving more attention to certain topics. Users can access ClarityPage AI Tool at

With ClarityPage, users can filter topics by day and attention and view the relative front-page attention from left, center, and right-leaning news sources. This allows users to gain a comprehensive understanding of how media sources cover different topics and how they divide them over time. Furthermore, ClarityPage provides an aerial view of topic coverage from left vs right-leaning media and a weekly newsletter that is AI-powered to break users out of their bubble.

By analyzing the topics and the attention they receive from different media sources, ClarityPage provides an objective view of the news and helps users to understand the media bias so they can make informed

TLDR: AI for Analyzed media bias and coverage across ideology. Copy and paste these prompts into Clarity.

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Who is Clarity AI for?

1. Journalists and reporters who want to ensure they are covering a topic from a balanced perspective and not ignoring any important viewpoints.
2. Politicians and policymakers who need to stay informed of the latest news and public opinion on different issues, and understand how the media is portraying them.
3. News consumers who want to get a well-rounded view of a topic by reading articles from different political perspectives.
4. Researchers and academics who are studying media bias and want to use ClarityPage to analyze and compare the coverage of different topics over time.
5. Social media managers and digital marketers who want to understand which topics are currently trending in the news and how they are being portrayed in different media outlets.

Analyzed media bias and coverage across ideology. on these platforms

What are the use cases for Clarity?

There are many potential business use cases for ClarityPage, including:

1. Media Analysis: Media companies can use ClarityPage to analyze their own content as well as that of their competitors. By understanding how their coverage compares to others, they can make adjustments to their editorial strategy and ensure they are providing unique and valuable content.

2. PR and Marketing: PR and marketing professionals can use ClarityPage to identify which topics are being covered by different media outlets and target their pitches accordingly. By understanding the media landscape, they can increase their chances of getting coverage and reaching their target audience.

3. Investment Research: Investors can use ClarityPage to track media coverage of companies they are interested in. By understanding how different media outlets are covering a particular company or industry, investors can gain insight into potential risks and opportunities.

4. Political Analysis: Political analysts and campaigns can use ClarityPage to understand how different media outlets are covering political issues and candidates. By understanding media bias and attention, they can

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