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Why Install Chatorg AI to replace a human task?
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What is Chatorg

ChatORG is a team collaboration tool that features a ChatGPT Plugin, developed by Rebase Ventures. It enables real-time chat using ChatGPT, along with the unique feature of organizing and sharing chats and folders among team members. The tool also allows users to save their prompts to a shared team prompt library and highlight markdown and code syntax. In addition, users can undo their last message to edit and regenerate. ChatORG comes with two pricing plans, including a free personal use plan and a $10/month per user plan for teams. To use ChatGPT within the product, users must have their own OpenAI API key, and OpenAI charges a per-token fee separately. Overall, ChatORG with ChatGPT Plugin is an excellent tool for team collaboration, especially for those working on AI projects.

TLDR: AI for Team collaboration chat. Copy and paste these prompts into Chatorg.

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Who is Chatorg for?

1. Small to medium-sized businesses with remote teams that require efficient communication and collaboration tools.
2. AI startups that need to collaborate on developing AI models and algorithms using ChatGPT.
3. Academic institutions that require a real-time collaboration platform for research projects involving natural language processing and AI.
4. Freelancers and consultants who work with multiple clients and need to manage their projects and communication in one place.
5. Non-profit organizations that require a cost-effective collaboration tool to manage their projects and communication among team members.

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What are the use cases for Chatorg?

ChatORG has a wide range of potential business and other use cases. Here are five possible use cases:

1. AI Research Collaboration: ChatORG can be used by AI researchers to collaborate on their research projects using ChatGPT. The tool's real-time chat feature and the ability to share chats and folders among team members can help researchers work more efficiently.

2. Customer Service: ChatORG can be used by customer service teams to handle customer inquiries in real-time. The tool's ability to undo last messages can help avoid mistakes, and the shared team prompt library can help customer service agents respond to common customer queries quickly.

3. Software Development: ChatORG can be used by software development teams to collaborate on their projects and manage their code. The tool's support for code syntax highlighting and undoing last messages can help developers work more efficiently and avoid errors.

4. Marketing: ChatORG can be used by marketing teams to collaborate on their campaigns and share ideas. The tool's ability to organize chats into

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