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CensysGPT AI app

Fast builder of Censys search queries.

Why Install CensysGPT AI to replace a human task?
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What is CensysGPT AI?

CensysGPT Beta is a tool designed to simplify the process of building effective and efficient Censys search queries. It empowers users to perform proactive reconnaissance operations by providing quick and easy access to insights about hosts on the internet. The tool streamlines the query building process, enabling users to spend more time on threat hunting and exposure management. CensysGPT Beta leverages OpenAI GPT for query processing, which means that query data collected is shared with OpenAI. However, Censys has opted out of allowing that data to be used to improve OpenAI models. Overall, CensysGPT Beta is a useful tool for those looking to efficiently generate Censys search queries and obtain insights about hosts on the internet.

TLDR: AI for Fast builder of Censys search queries. Copy and paste these prompts into CensysGPT.

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Who is CensysGPT AI for?

1. Cybersecurity professionals looking to perform proactive reconnaissance operations.
2. IT administrators seeking to manage their organization's exposure to potential threats.
3. Penetration testers looking to identify vulnerabilities in internet-facing systems.
4. Researchers studying internet infrastructure and trends.
5. Law enforcement agencies investigating cybercrime.

Fast builder of Censys search queries. on these platforms

What are the use cases for CensysGPT?

CensysGPT Beta can be used for a variety of business and non-business purposes. Here are some potential use cases:

1. Cybersecurity: CensysGPT Beta can be used by cybersecurity professionals to identify vulnerabilities and potential threats on the internet. By generating effective Censys search queries, users can quickly obtain insights about hosts and networks that may be at risk.

2. Competitive Intelligence: Companies can use CensysGPT Beta to gain insights about their competitors' online presence. By analyzing the hosts and networks associated with a competitor's domain, companies can gain a better understanding of their digital footprint and potential vulnerabilities.

3. Marketing: CensysGPT Beta can be used by marketing professionals to identify potential customers and partners. By analyzing the hosts and networks associated with a particular industry or niche, marketers can identify potential leads and partnerships.

4. Research: Researchers can use CensysGPT Beta to gather data about the internet and its infrastructure. By analyzing the hosts

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