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Record, transcribe, summarize and share video calls.

Why Install Call My Link AI to replace a human task?
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What is Call My Link AI?

Stork's Call My Link is a video-conferencing tool that is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and is designed to enhance team communication and collaboration. It offers a personal conference URL that can be used for video and audio calls, which are recorded and can be played back by both Stork and non-Stork users directly from the web. Additionally, conferences are transcribed into PDFs and are available to all participants after the call. The length of the transcript has no limitation, and users can either read the transcript or play back the call.

One of the unique features of Call My Link is that it provides AI-generated summaries, searchable transcriptions, and easy sharing of recordings. This makes it an ideal tool for users across different industries, including HR, IT startups, healthcare, consulting, e-commerce, education, and product management, among others. Using the tool is straightforward, and users can sign up for free, with no limitations or hidden costs.

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TLDR: AI for Record, transcribe, summarize and share video calls. Copy and paste these prompts into Call My Link.

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Who is Call My Link AI for?

1. HR professionals who need to conduct remote interviews and want to easily share recordings with their team.
2. IT startups who want to streamline their tech stack and use one tool for video-conferencing, recording, and transcribing.
3. Healthcare providers who need to conduct virtual consultations and want to have searchable transcriptions of their calls.
4. Consulting firms who want to provide their clients with AI-generated summaries of their meetings and calls.
5. Product managers who need to collaborate with remote teams and want to have a record of their discussions and decisions.

Record, transcribe, summarize and share video calls. on these platforms

What are the use cases for Call My Link?

Call My Link is a versatile video-conferencing tool that can be used in a variety of business and personal settings. Here are some potential use cases:

Business Use Cases:
1. HR: Call My Link can be used for remote job interviews, onboarding, and training sessions. The AI-generated summaries and searchable transcriptions can be used for reference and evaluation purposes.
2. IT Startups: Call My Link can be used for remote team meetings, client meetings, and product demos. The recorded calls and transcripts can be shared with the team and clients for future reference.
3. Healthcare: Call My Link can be used for telemedicine consultations, remote patient monitoring, and team meetings. The transcripts and summaries can be used for documentation and compliance purposes.
4. Consulting: Call My Link can be used for remote client meetings, project updates, and team collaboration. The transcripts and summaries can be used for project management and billing purposes.
5. E-commerce: Call My Link can be used for remote

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