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Buildt AI app

A codebase search and editing assistant for developers.

Why Install Buildt AI to replace a human task?
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What is Buildt AI?

Buildt AI is an innovative software product that enables developers to search and manipulate codebases with ease. Its advanced natural language search feature, known as the Super Search, allows users to quickly find the exact code snippet they are looking for, without wasting time on manual search. Buildt AI provides a wide range of features to help users generate new code, refactor existing code, extend functionality, remove duplicate or obsolete code, and keep dependencies up-to-date.

Buildt AI currently supports Javascript and Typescript, with plans to expand to over 15 additional languages. It runs locally on a developer's machine, making it easier to integrate with existing workflows. The tool is easy to install and use, making it an ideal solution for developers looking to streamline their coding process.

In summary, Buildt AI is a powerful tool for developers, designed to help them quickly and accurately search, generate, and manipulate code. With its advanced features, developers can save time and improve their coding efficiency, making it an

TLDR: AI for A codebase search and editing assistant for developers. Copy and paste these prompts into Buildt.

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Who is Buildt AI for?

1. Developers who work with large codebases and need a more efficient way to search and manage their code.
2. Junior developers who are still learning and need help generating and refactoring code.
3. Code reviewers who need to quickly assess code quality and find potential issues.
4. Open source contributors who want to make contributions to projects but need help navigating the codebase.
5. Technical leads who need to track and manage code changes across a team of developers.

A codebase search and editing assistant for developers. on these platforms

What are the use cases for Buildt?

1. Code Maintenance: Buildt can be used by businesses to maintain their codebase by replacing legacy or duplicate code with more efficient and effective code. This can help to improve the overall performance of the codebase and reduce the likelihood of bugs and errors.

2. Code Generation: Buildt can be used by businesses to generate new code snippets quickly and accurately. This can help to reduce the time and effort required to write new code, and can also help to ensure that the code is written to a high standard.

3. Debugging: Buildt can be used by developers to quickly locate and fix bugs in their codebase. With its natural language search feature, developers can easily locate the source of the error and fix it quickly.

4. Collaboration: Buildt can be used by teams of developers to collaborate on code projects. With its ability to search and replace code snippets across the entire codebase, developers can easily share code and collaborate on complex projects.

5. Dependency Management: Buildt can

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