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Brandwise AI app

Brand reputation safeguarded on social media.

Why Install Brandwise AI to replace a human task?
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What is Brandwise AI?

Brandwise is an AI-powered brand manager tool that helps businesses protect their online reputation on social media. The tool uses sentiment analysis to identify harmful comments and prevent them from being displayed to the public, while also notifying users of any flagged comments that require a prompt response. Additionally, the tool allows organizations to customize their filtering by adding their own custom keywords for removal when detected. Brandwise also provides multi-lingual comment moderation capability in 95 different languages, and users can set up unlimited accounts to give multiple team members access to the tool’s dashboard. The tool offers flexible pricing, with a 7-day free trial available, and a range of pricing options for individuals, small businesses, and larger organizations. Overall, Brandwise is a useful tool for businesses looking to protect their brand reputation and foster a safer social media environment for their followers and customers.

TLDR: AI for Brand reputation safeguarded on social media. Copy and paste these prompts into Brandwise.

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Who is Brandwise AI for?

1. Small businesses looking to protect their brand reputation on social media
2. Social media managers responsible for monitoring and moderating brand accounts
3. Marketing teams looking to improve their online presence and engagement with customers
4. Public relations professionals seeking to manage online crises and negative comments
5. Large organizations with multiple social media accounts and team members who need access to a brand management tool.

Brand reputation safeguarded on social media. on these platforms

What are the use cases for Brandwise?

Brandwise can be used by various types of businesses and organizations to protect their brand reputation and improve their social media presence. Here are five potential use cases for the tool:

1. E-commerce businesses: Brands that sell products or services online can use Brandwise to monitor their social media accounts for any negative comments or reviews. By filtering out harmful comments, businesses can ensure that their online reputation remains intact and that potential customers are not deterred from making a purchase.

2. Non-profit organizations: Non-profits can use Brandwise to monitor their social media accounts for any hate speech or discriminatory comments. By removing harmful comments, non-profits can create a safer and more inclusive online community for their supporters and donors.

3. Educational institutions: Schools and universities can use Brandwise to monitor their social media accounts for any inappropriate or offensive comments made by students or faculty members. By removing harmful comments, educational institutions can maintain a positive online reputation and ensure that their social media platforms are a safe and respectful space for

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