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BrandBastion AI app

Filter and analyze social media comments.

Why Install BrandBastion AI to replace a human task?
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What is BrandBastion AI?

BrandBastion ChatGPT Plugin is an AI-powered social engagement platform that helps businesses manage their comments, analyze sentiment, hide unwanted messages, and find messages that need a response. The platform allows businesses to view all comments from posts, ads, and dynamic ads in one place through a unified inbox. The AI technology used by BrandBastion ChatGPT Plugin helps to identify which comments need a response or should be hidden. Additionally, filters can be used to sort comments by sentiment, keywords, campaign, post, platform, etc. The platform also allows businesses to set up notifications for spikes in comment volume or keyword mentions.

BrandBastion ChatGPT Plugin enables businesses to quickly respond to common questions with saved replies and conversations can be assigned to specific team members for better collaboration. The platform also provides actionable insights from conversations, including sentiment analysis and content resonance.

BrandBastion ChatGPT Plugin can cover different social media platforms like Facebook (organic, ads, dynamic ads), Instagram

TLDR: AI for Filter and analyze social media comments. Copy and paste these prompts into BrandBastion.

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Who is BrandBastion AI for?

1. Social media managers
2. Brand managers
3. Digital marketing agencies
4. Small business owners
5. Influencers and content creators

Filter and analyze social media comments. on these platforms

What are the use cases for BrandBastion?

BrandBastion's AI-powered social engagement platform has several potential business use cases and other use cases. Here are five use cases:

1. Content Moderation: BrandBastion's AI-powered platform is perfect for content moderation. Businesses can moderate the comments on their social media posts, ads, and dynamic ads with ease. The AI helps businesses identify unwanted or negative comments that need to be hidden or removed. This ensures that a business's social media channels are free from spam, irrelevant comments or trolls, and inappropriate content.

2. Reputation Management: With BrandBastion's platform, businesses can monitor their social media channels for mentions of their brand and quickly respond to negative comments. They can use the platform to identify opportunities to turn negative comments into positive ones by addressing customer concerns and complaints. As a result, businesses can build a positive reputation and improve customer loyalty.

3. Customer Service: BrandBastion's platform can help businesses improve their customer service by monitoring and responding to customer

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