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Bloks AI app

Boosts productivity by organizing notes and reminders.

Why Install Bloks AI to replace a human task?
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What is Bloks AI?

Bloks AI-powered productivity assistant is an all-in-one productivity app that helps users boost their productivity by taking over mundane tasks like note-taking, organizing, and reminders. Users can access the app through Bloks.AI. The app uses AI to generate automatic meeting notes and action items, allowing users to see notes in context and to 10x their output with less work. Bloks works on all calls, without intrusive bots or plugins, and is built for everyone, empowering real people like you. Bloks is designed to assist users in various roles and offers customized solutions to address their unique needs. The app takes notes without users having to take notes, using AI to instantly generate summaries and transcriptions of in-person meetings and video calls on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Slack, or Webex. Bloks automatically organizes everything that gets captured with AI-assisted tagging, giving users more context. In addition, users get a high-level overview of everything on their plate, helping them prioritize tasks

TLDR: AI for Boosts productivity by organizing notes and reminders. Copy and paste these prompts into Bloks.

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Who is Bloks AI for?

1. Self-employed individuals who need help with organizing their tasks and contacts.
2. Team leads who need to track team progress and review.
3. Consultants who need to keep track of clients and their needs.
4. Students who need help with note-taking and organizing their study materials.
5. Busy professionals who need assistance with managing their multiple deadlines and appointments.

Boosts productivity by organizing notes and reminders. on these platforms

What are the use cases for Bloks?

1. Business Use Case: Sales Professionals
Bloks can be a game-changer for sales professionals, who can use the app to take notes during client meetings and store them in an organized manner. Bloks can automatically generate summaries and transcriptions of video calls, allowing sales reps to focus on the conversation instead of taking notes. The app can keep track of client needs and follow-up actions, allowing sales reps to stay on top of their deals and close more business.

2. Business Use Case: Project Management
Project managers can use Bloks to keep track of tasks, deadlines, and team progress. The app can automatically generate meeting notes and action items, allowing project managers to review progress and assign tasks in real-time. With Bloks, project managers can stay on top of their projects and ensure timely delivery.

3. Personal Use Case: Freelancers and Entrepreneurs
Bloks can be an excellent productivity assistant for freelancers and entrepreneurs who often juggle multiple tasks and projects. The app

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