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Be My Eyes AI app

App connects blind & volunteers.

Why Install Be My Eyes AI to replace a human task?
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What is Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes is a mobile application that provides assistance to blind, low-vision, and visually-impaired individuals through live video chat with sighted volunteers and professional support. The app is designed to help visually-challenged users overcome daily obstacles such as reading instructions, distinguishing colors, navigating new surroundings, or checking expiry dates. In addition to its main purpose, Be My Eyes also offers a suite of business solutions and supports corporate volunteering through virtual volunteering for employees and video support tools for CBe My Eyes teams. Recently, the app has introduced a new feature called "Virtual Volunteer" powered by OpenAI's GPT-4, which uses AI to provide identification, interpretation, and conversational visual assistance for a variety of tasks. Furthermore, Be My Eyes is running a GoFundMe campaign to develop a wearable device that would provide hands-free video cameras to low-vision students worldwide for free. Overall, Be My Eyes is an empowering tool that promotes social inclusivity and enhances the daily living of visually-impaired individuals

TLDR: AI for App connects blind & volunteers. Copy and paste these prompts into Be My Eyes.

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Who is Be My Eyes for?

1. Blind individuals
2. Low-vision individuals
3. Visually-impaired individuals
4. Elderly individuals with vision problems
5. Individuals with temporary vision problems (due to injury or medical procedures)

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What are the use cases for Be My Eyes?

Be My Eyes is a versatile app that can be used in various business and personal settings. Here are five potential use cases for the app:

1. Customer service support: Be My Eyes can be used by companies to provide visual assistance to customers with visual impairments. For example, a customer service agent can use the app to provide live video support to a visually-impaired customer who is having difficulty using a product or service. This can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty while also promoting inclusivity.

2. Remote training and coaching: Be My Eyes can be used by trainers or coaches to provide visual guidance to trainees or athletes who are visually-impaired. By using the app, trainers can provide real-time feedback, support, and direction, enabling visually-impaired individuals to develop their skills and abilities.

3. Workplace accessibility: Be My Eyes can be used to make workplaces more accessible to visually-impaired employees. The app can be used to provide live visual assistance to employees who need help with tasks such as

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