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AweMyFace AI app

Tracked skincare with custom tips.

Why Install AweMyFace AI to replace a human task?
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What is AweMyFace AI?

AweMyFace ChatGPT Plugin is a skincare app that provides a comprehensive tool for skin health and wellness. The app is designed to help users track their skin condition, understand the cause and effect of their daily routine, and receive individualized recommendations to improve their skin and get rid of acne. Using artificial intelligence, the app detects acne with 99.1% accuracy and provides an objective picture of changes in the user's skin. It allows users to track their daily routine in several aspects that are important for skin health, such as food, sleep, sports, stress, and more. Additionally, the app provides progress reports to show users their daily, weekly, and monthly progress. All of the features are available to use offline and all of the user's data is stored securely on their device. The app is free to download and offers in-app purchases.

TLDR: AI for Tracked skincare with custom tips. Copy and paste these prompts into AweMyFace.

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Who is AweMyFace AI for?

1. Teenagers and young adults struggling with acne
2. Skincare enthusiasts who want to improve their overall skin health
3. People with sensitive skin looking for personalized skincare recommendations
4. Individuals who want to track the effects of their daily routine on their skin
5. Anyone who wants to maintain healthy and glowing skin and prevent future skin problems.

Tracked skincare with custom tips. on these platforms

What are the use cases for AweMyFace?

1. Beauty and Wellness Industry: AweMyFace can be used by skincare clinics, spas, and beauty brands to provide personalized recommendations to their clients based on their skin type and condition. The app can also be integrated into their CRM systems to provide a more comprehensive customer experience.

2. Insurance Industry: Insurance companies can use AweMyFace to assess the skin health of their policyholders and offer discounts on premiums for those who maintain healthy skin. This can also help insurance companies reduce claims related to skin conditions and acne.

3. Research and Development: AweMyFace can be used by researchers to study the impact of daily routines and lifestyle factors on skin health. The data collected by the app can be used to develop new skincare products and treatments.

4. Education Industry: AweMyFace can be used by estheticians and skincare professionals to educate their clients about the importance of maintaining healthy skin and the impact of daily routines on skin health. The app can also be used to train aspiring

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