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Askrobi AI app

WhatsApp bot generates content, assists math.

Why Install Askrobi AI to replace a human task?
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What is Askrobi AI?

Ask Robi is like having a super smart robot friend in your phone who can help you with homework, art projects, and even translate things for you! It's all done through WhatsApp, so you don't need to download anything extra. And don't worry, your information is kept private and secure.

TLDR: AI for WhatsApp bot generates content, assists math. Copy and paste these prompts into Askrobi.

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Who is Askrobi AI for?

1. Students - Ask Robi can assist students with essays, math problems, and complex queries.
2. Freelancers - Ask Robi can help freelancers with creating textual content, generating original images, and creating wireframes and concept art.
3. International travelers - Ask Robi's ability to translate text into simple language can be a useful tool for international travelers who need to communicate with locals who don't speak their language.
4. Small business owners - Ask Robi can help small business owners with creating content for their social media pages and generating original images for their marketing campaigns.
5. Non-native speakers of a language - Ask Robi's language translation feature can help non-native speakers understand complex text in a language they are still learning.

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What are the use cases for Askrobi?

Ask Robi can be used by businesses and individuals alike for a range of purposes. Here are five potential use cases for this powerful AI-powered chatbot:

1. Content creation: Businesses can use Ask Robi to generate original textual content for their websites, social media channels, and marketing materials. Whether it's blog articles, product descriptions, or ad copy, Ask Robi can help businesses create compelling and informative content that resonates with their target audience.

2. Graphic design: Ask Robi can also be used to create original images and graphics for use in marketing materials and other visual content. Whether it's social media posts, infographics, or website banners, Ask Robi can help businesses create eye-catching visuals that stand out from the competition.

3. Math tutoring: For students struggling with complex mathematical concepts, Ask Robi can be a great resource. With its ability to understand and answer complex math queries, Ask Robi can help students understand difficult topics and improve their grades.

4. Language

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