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Aiko AI app

Converts audio to text.

Why Install Aiko AI to replace a human task?
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What is Aiko

Aiko ChatGPT Plugin is an AI-powered audio transcription tool that allows users to easily convert speech to text from meetings, lectures, and more. The transcription is performed directly on the user's device, ensuring complete privacy. Aiko's transcription capabilities are powered by OpenAI's Whisper model, which is capable of transcribing audio in 100 different languages. The app supports audio and video files and offers exporting to many different formats, including JSON, CSV, and subtitles. Aiko is designed to be a simple tool for audio transcription, although it includes support for Shortcuts. For more advanced users, MacWhisper is an alternative tool from the same developer that offers additional features like improved performance on iOS thanks to CoreML and batch conversion. As a privacy-focused app, Aiko does not allow editing of the transcription within the app, and users are encouraged to export and edit the transcription in a proper text editor. Aiko divides the transcription text by sentences, although users can use a workaround to

TLDR: AI for Converts audio to text. Copy and paste these prompts into Aiko.

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Who is Aiko for?

1. Students who want to transcribe their lectures and class discussions for better note-taking.
2. Professionals who need to transcribe business meetings and interviews for accurate records.
3. Journalists who want to transcribe interviews with sources for use in articles and stories.
4. Researchers who need to transcribe interviews and focus group discussions for data analysis.
5. Podcasters who want to transcribe their audio recordings for better SEO and to provide transcripts for their audience.

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What are the use cases for Aiko?

Aiko has a wide range of potential use cases for businesses and individuals. Here are 5 potential use cases:

1. Meeting Transcription: Aiko can be used to transcribe meetings, making it easier for team members to review and recall important discussions and decisions. The transcriptions can also be easily shared with team members who weren't present at the meeting.

2. Lecture Transcription: Aiko can be used to transcribe lectures, making it easier for students to review the material and study for exams. This can be especially helpful for students who may have missed a class or have difficulty with note-taking.

3. Podcast Transcription: Aiko can be used to transcribe podcasts, making it easier for podcasters to create show notes and transcripts for their listeners. This can also be helpful for listeners who prefer to read the content instead of listening to it.

4. Legal Transcription: Aiko can be used to transcribe legal documents and proceedings, making it easier for lawyers and other

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