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Tailored workouts via personalized fitness prompts.

Why Install AI WOD AI to replace a human task?
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What is AI WOD AI?

AI WOD (by Matt Thorne Ltd) is an AI-powered natural language processing tool that generates daily workouts personalized to the user's fitness level, style, and goals. Users can access the app through the EmailOctopus marketing tool, which sends the daily workout directly to their email inbox. The prompts used to generate the workouts are continuously refined to ensure reliable results. The app offers a variety of workout types, including bodyweight exercises, dumbbell workouts, HIIT, Tabata, core, running, and more. The workouts are designed to be interesting and beneficial to users' fitness journeys.

TLDR: AI for Tailored workouts via personalized fitness prompts. Copy and paste these prompts into AI WOD.

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Who is AI WOD AI for?

1. Fitness enthusiasts looking for personalized workouts.
2. Beginners who are new to fitness and need guidance.
3. People who want to workout at home without equipment.
4. Individuals who want to switch up their current workout routine.
5. Busy professionals who want quick and effective workouts.

Tailored workouts via personalized fitness prompts. on these platforms

What are the use cases for AI WOD?

1. Fitness Apps: AI WOD can be integrated into fitness apps to provide users with personalized workouts based on their fitness level, style, and goals. This can enhance user engagement and retention as users will have access to workouts that are tailored to their specific needs.

2. Corporate Wellness Programs: Companies can use AI WOD to create custom fitness programs for their employees. This can lead to improved employee health and well-being, which can result in increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and lower healthcare costs.

3. Personal Trainers: Personal trainers can use AI WOD as a tool to create customized workout plans for their clients. This can save trainers time and effort while still providing clients with effective workouts that are tailored to their fitness level and goals.

4. Fitness Equipment Manufacturers: Fitness equipment manufacturers can use AI WOD to create workout programs that are specifically designed for their equipment. This can enhance the user experience and provide customers with a reason to purchase their equipment over others.


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