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Streamlined email writing with an assistant.

Why Install Addy AI AI to replace a human task?
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What is Addy AI

Addy AI is an AI email assistant that helps users write emails with their preferred style and tone. It is a web app that can be downloaded as a Chrome extension. The app allows users to select from a variety of tones, set a default tone for frequent use, and say goodbye to writer's block. Addy AI drafts emails according to the conversation context, allowing users to save time and energy. According to their customers, Addy AI has saved over 220,000 hours of time. This AI email assistant is currently in beta and has received positive feedback from entrepreneurs, executives, real estate managers, and basketball coaches. If you are looking to streamline your email writing process and save time, Addy AI is a great tool to use.

TLDR: AI for Streamlined email writing with an assistant. Copy and paste these prompts into Addy AI.

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Who is Addy AI for?

1. Business professionals who frequently send emails to clients and colleagues
2. Entrepreneurs and small business owners who need to communicate effectively with investors and partners
3. Real estate agents and property managers who need to send professional and persuasive emails to potential clients and tenants
4. Coaches and trainers who need to communicate with athletes and their families in a clear and concise manner
5. Students and academics who need to communicate with professors and peers in a professional and academic tone.

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What are the use cases for Addy AI?

Addy AI can be beneficial for a wide range of industries and personal use cases. Here are five potential use cases:

1. Sales teams: Sales professionals are always looking for ways to save time while still crafting compelling emails that convert. Addy AI can help sales teams stay on-brand and on-tone while drafting emails quickly and efficiently. With Addy AI, sales reps can focus on building relationships with potential customers rather than struggling to find the right words.

2. Customer support: Customer service representatives are often bombarded with email inquiries and complaints. With Addy AI, customer support teams can quickly draft responses that are empathetic and helpful without sacrificing time or quality. This can increase the speed of customer support resolution and improve customer satisfaction.

3. Marketing teams: Marketing professionals are responsible for creating content that resonates with their target audience. Addy AI can help marketers create email campaigns that are on-brand and use the right tone to engage with their audience. This can save time and money in the content

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