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Abbot AI app

Enhanced Slack customer support via smart assistant.

Why Install Abbot AI to replace a human task?
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What is Abbot

Abbot ChatGPT Plugin is an AI tool designed to assist customer-facing teams in Slack to enhance their customer experience. Abbot is a programmable smart assistant that can supervise and manage shared Slack channels to reduce the time spent juggling notifications and searching through various channels. It can seamlessly integrate with popular ticketing systems such as Zendesk and GitHub, and can be trained on documentation to respond when a customer asks a question on how to do something.

One of the remarkable features of Abbot is that it automatically tags conversations to enable users to easily find relevant conversations. It can also provide automatic summarizations and suggested next steps based on what customers are discussing. Abbot can run automations from Slack, and users can create and operate their own custom scripts in C#, JavaScript, or Python.

Abbot comes in two pricing plans: Team and Enterprise. The Team Plan costs $49/month per agent and includes conversation monitoring, automated escalations, topic tagging, and activity dashboards and insights.

TLDR: AI for Enhanced Slack customer support via smart assistant. Copy and paste these prompts into Abbot.

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Who is Abbot for?

1. Customer service teams who use Slack as their primary communication platform with customers.
2. Sales teams who use Slack to communicate with potential customers and need to stay organized with their leads and prospects.
3. Marketing teams who use Slack to coordinate campaigns and engage with customers on social media.
4. Product teams who use Slack to collect user feedback and collaborate with designers and developers on product improvements.
5. IT teams who use Slack to communicate with internal stakeholders and resolve technical issues.

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What are the use cases for Abbot?

1. Customer Support: Abbot can be used by customer support teams to monitor conversations across multiple channels, tag conversations based on topic or urgency, and provide automated responses to common queries. This can help teams respond faster and more efficiently to customer inquiries, leading to higher customer satisfaction and retention rates.

2. Sales and Marketing: Abbot can be used by sales and marketing teams to track customer conversations and identify potential leads or areas for upselling. Abbot can also integrate with CRM systems to provide a more comprehensive view of customer interactions and preferences.

3. Project Management: Abbot can be used by project management teams to track progress and communicate with team members across multiple channels. Abbot can provide automated reminders for deadlines or milestones, and can also facilitate communication between team members in different time zones or locations.

4. Human Resources: Abbot can be used by human resources teams to manage employee requests and feedback. Abbot can automate responses to common HR queries, track employee engagement and satisfaction, and provide

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